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Paksi Vak Bottyán Gimnázium

Introducing Paksi Vak Bottyán Secondary Grammar School’s programme for high ability students

Paksi Vak Bottyán Secondary Grammar School’s main aim is to prepare students for higher education. Our pedagogical approach is to be personality-focused so we try to cater for highly abled, creative students. They are offered various courses, additional classes according to their interests. We put emphasis on teaching them in small specialization and differentiating groups, not to mention our varied extra-curricular activites. We invite renowned lecturers to meet the students’ needs, organize preparational classes for Academic Student Circle (ASC) and draw their attention to various tendering opportunities. Vak Bottyán Fund for Caring for High Ability Students supports their individual and social programmes as well.

We use creativity and motivational tests to identify higly abled students for our programme by initiating and improving different school contests such as a reciting contest, theatrical knowledge contests and the Bottyán Academic and Artistic Conference that make school life even more colourful. Other enjoyable leisure activities include “Researchers’ Night”in autumn or the “Musical Extravagasa” in spring. Last but not least we provide career-orientation classes given by the school psychologist.

In recognition of our high-standard of work in the frame of the Bottyán Academic and Artistic Conference, our school was asked to organise the TUDOK regional final in south Hungary in 2006. Following this our conferences elevated to county-level, providing preparational classes for students. In 2011 we first had contestants from the 7th and 8th grades which obviously was the result of our programme for caring for highly abled students individually and in small groups.

Teacher-training is continuous at our school in the field of caring for high ability students. 80% of our teachers have already taken part in several Géniusz courses with lecturers like M. Nádas Mária, Szivák Judit, Lárix Studio and Műszaki Kiadó courses, which all support and promote our students’ success.

As one of our colleagues, Klára Szabó, is a member of the Council for Supporting High Ability Students in Tolna county we have been cooperating with Talentpoints in this region for a long time. The relationship with our sister towns and other European towns, involved in Comenius Programmes, have enriched our activities.

OM: 036391
7030 Paks, Dózsa György út 103.
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